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Soil Supercharger

Grotek is proud to add Black Pearl™ to our product line up. This organic product is a blended powder that aims to build soil by replenishing nutrients. Black Pearl™ contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to support vegetative growth, larger root systems, vigorous blooming and increased drought tolerance. This product also includes the benefits of a soluble kelp extract. Kelp has been used for centuries by coastal farmers to enhance soil nutrition. Black Pearl™ is high in organic matter, most of which comes from charcoal-based carbon, a long lasting soil builder. This product is designed as both a soil improver and a plant nutrient.

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  • Available in: 1.5kg


Explosive Flower Development

Blossom Blaster™ is a powerful blend of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers designed to increase the number and size of blooms. It does this by encouraging the plant to favour side branching instead of vertical growth leading to more flowering sites and prolific blooming.

This product contains a very high concentration of Phosphorus and Potassium which contribute to proper plant maturation, fruit quality and the formation of sugars, starches and oils.

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  • Available in: 20g / 300g / 500g


Flower Triggering Solution

Bud Fuel™ is a flowering supplement designed to be used in addition to your regular fertilizer program. Use on all annual flowers, vegetables, herbs, containers and hanging baskets.      

Bud Fuel can be used to enhance a variety of feed schedules. Use in conjunction with Blossom Blaster™ for enhanced results.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr / 10ltr


An Excellent Source of Additional Calcium, Magnesium and Iron

Cal-Max™ can be used on all plants, providing calcium, magnesium and iron for your garden. This helps solve one of the most common nutrient deficiency problems facing fruit and vegetable growers as many soils or potting mixes simply do not have enough of those nutrients to keep the hungry plants growing.

Using Cal-Max as part of your regular feeding program will help to eliminate leaf yellowing or flowers dropping off (bud abort). It helps prevent tip burning in lettuce and cabbage as well as blossom rot in tomatoes and peppers.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr


Additional Plant Carbohydrates

CarboMax™ is a ready to use fuel source for plants. Naturally plants produce their own energy source (carbohydrates) for different functions; this product helps provide additional carbohydrates during the important final flowering stage. Produces no harmful effects.

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  • Available in: 100g / 300g / 1kg


Fertilizer Rinse Solution

Final Flush™ eliminates excess fertilizer salts in the final stages of flowering and can also be used to correct over feeding or for the desalinization of reusable growing media. As you bring your plants to the final stages of growth, you need to eliminate excess fertilizer salts which leaves the fruit with a slightly bitter taste. By applying the proper dosage of Final Flush, you will not only get rid of the salt build-up, but will leave the plant with a sweet tropical taste.Use Final Flush to increase the flavour aroma and taste within your plant.
Available in the following flavours:

• Regular          • Pina Colada
• Strawberry     • Blueberry

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr regular only


100% Organic extract from Atlantic Sea Kelp to increase yield

GrowthMax™ is an organic extract from the unpolluted waters of the North Atlantic. Cold-processed to retain all the nutrients and minerals, GrowthMax™ contains a complex of 100% organic nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and biostimulants. GrowthMax™ can be used:

• as a foliar spray
• as a transplanter
• in irrigation

Use in both soil and soilless applications, and in conjunction with your regular feed program. NPK: 0.3-0.3-4 

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  • Available in: 500ml / 1ltr


Increases Weight and Density

Heavy Bloom™ is designed to increase the size and weight of fruit and flowers. It contains ingredients from natural plant extracts including Amino Acids, Vitamins and Carbohydrates. A mild solution of phosphorus and potassium derived from organic and inorganic sources is also added.

The nutrients in this formula help the plant direct energy to the synthesis of reproductive tissue. Enzymes are also activated that play a part in the storage of energy required for CO2 assimilation and the synthesis of sugars, starch, protein and lipids. This phenomenon will yield a plant with bigger and higher density flowers and fruits.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr


Restores the Green to Plants

InstaGreen™ reduces yellowing and restores lush green colour to cuttings, seedlings, or plants that are stressed due to under feeding or transplanting.

Use until vigour has returned to plants. Best used as a foliar spray in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr


Rooting and Feed Solution

Kick Start™ is a specially designed liquid nutrient that helps to promote strong root development during the early stages of plant growth. KickStart is a low ratio feed that is mild enough for your plants to efficiently absorb, allowing for optimal new plant development. Use on new cuttings and recent transplants or before plants are mature enough to handle stronger nutrients. Can also be used effectively with Coco or peat pellets.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr


Natural Soil Conditioner

LXR Black™ has been shown to increase the availability and uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other important elements. It helps improve the soil structure ultimately leading to good aeration and water retention capabilities.

LXR Black™ helps in the transfer of plant nutrients (especially micro-nutrients) from the soil to the plant roots, improves the microbial activity in the soil and stimulates the micro organisms to secrete enzymes.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr


A Plant Fertilizer to Help Blooming

A classic bloom enhancer, Monster Bloom™ has gained a reputation for its ability to pack flowers onto your plants

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  • Available in: 130g / 500g / 2.5kg


Grotek Monster Grow - Produces Green Vegetative Growth

Monster Grow™ is a plant growth formula specially designed


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  • Available in: 130g / 500g / 2.5kg


Supplies Calcium and Oxygen to your Soil

Oxygen is a life-line for all living organisms and is required by all plants throughout their life cycle for optimum growth. The slow release oxygen and calcium in Oxy-Cal™ will contribute to strong vigorous plants, and the growth of beneficial aerobic microorganisms in the media.

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  • Available in: 500g


 pH Calibration Solutions

 pH Calibration Solutions  are available for all of your pH meters. Each solution is made with superior quality ingredients and is conveniently colour-coded for easy reference. Be sure your meters are accurate by calibrating with Grotek Solutions.

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  • Available in: 500ml


Increases Plant Growth by Improving Heat and Drought Tolerance

Pro-Silicate™ is a nutritional silicate additive containing potassium and silicon. It helps keep the plants upright, positioning the leaves correctly for maximum light exposure that ultimately leads to more food production because of a high rate of photosynthesis.

Pro-Silicate helps the plant battle wilting and drought by acting as insulation against excess water loss at higher temperatures. This helps increase plant growth and prolongs bloom life.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr


Rooting Compound

Grotek Rootmax™ is a thick gel rooting compound that enhances the rooting process of plant cuttings. It contains 0.3% I.B.A (rooting hormone) suspended in a liquid cellulose gel. Registered with the Canadian Fertilizer Act, this product helps make propagation easy for the commercial grower and hobby gardener. Use to root softwood cuttings such as geraniums, chrysanthemums, Africa violets, impatiens coleus and begonias and semi-hardwood cuttings and herbaceous perennials such as clematis, rubber plant, spirea etc.

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  • Available in: 50g / 100g / 250g


A Complete One-Part Nutrient System

SOLOTEK™ is a complete, soil/soilless, revolutionary organic-based nutrient system. It is a scientifically designed one-part nutrient system, where nutrients and supplements from different organic/inorganic sources are combined to provide an ideal nutrient environment and optimum plant production. SOLOTEK™ is comprised of a minumum of 50% organically-derived plant nutrients and all plant growth stimulants are 100% organic, derived from natural plant resources. SOLOTEK™ is the only product of its kind that possesses a very high nutrient concentration, along with organic chelating agents. This one-part solution will provide everything the plant needs during various stages of growth.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr


Vigorous Vegetative Growth

 Formulated to encourage early and vigorous growth, Vegetative Growth Booster™ is an excellent supplement for growing plants. High nitrogen supports green growth while phosphorous supports photosynthetic energy production. The phosphorous also works to increase the metabolism of carbohydrates and aid in root development. Vegetative Growth Booster is designed to be a one-time application product prior to the onset of flower development.

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  • Available in: 20g / 300g


Plant Anti-Stress Formula

VitaMax Plus™ has the same famous stress-relieving properties as Vitamax™ plus a slightly higher concentration of ingredients making this product an ideal supplement to use during heavy flowering.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr / 10ltr


Plant Anti-Stress Formula

VitaMax™ is specially formulated to encourage better root development and larger blooms, fruits and flowers. It contains essential macro and secondary nutrients to help increase plant development at the blooming and fruiting stages and to reduce plant stress during transplanting, inclement weather etc.

Always use Vitamax and Vitamax Plus as part of your regular fertilizer program. Use up to the last ten days of flowering then discontinue use.

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  • Available in: 1ltr / 4ltr