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Bio Bizz Nutrients


Revitalizing Product

Alg-A-Mic is a revitalizing product made from marine algae pressed in cold and subsequently concentrated which provide crops with micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids and hormones of vegetable origin.  With this revitalizing product a strong, disease-resistant and exuberant green plant is obtained.  It may be used in soil, hydroponic or as folic pulverizing product in any growing or flowering stage of the plant.

Alg-A-Mic is not a fertilizer, it is a bio-stimulant created to use in combination with the plants regular nutrition.

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  • Available in: 500ml / 1ltr / 5ltr /10ltr

BIO BLOOM Featured

Biological Flowering Fertilizer

Bio-Bloom is a totally biological flowering fertilizer that may be used from the beginning of the flowering stage up to the maturity.

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  • Available in: 500ml / 1ltr / 5ltr / 10ltr


Growth Liquid Fertilizer

Bio-Grow is a growth liquid fertilizer applicable to most types of soil and substrate mixtures.  Bio-Grow activates the substrates' bacterial flora due to its base in a 100% of Dutch organic sugar beet extract. It is applied in manual spraying or also in irrigation systems.  It may also be used as tonic at the end of the flowering stage.
Bio-Grow smells sweet thanks to its content of natural sugars which also provide an ideal interrelation with bacteria in the soil mixture.  It contains 70 trace elements and vitamins B1, B2, C, and E. As all Biobizz products, Bio-Grow has low phosphate contents, which are considered harmful for our bodies and the environment.

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  • Available in: 500ml / 1ltr / 5ltr / 10ltr


Energy Strengthener

BioHeaven is an energy strengthener for plants specially formulated which contains biological stimulants carefully selected, for example, amino acids.  Amino acids are a basic component in the development of proteins and enzymes that are essential for the structure and metabolism of plants.

As a result, BioHeaven enhances the use and transportation of nutrients in fertilizer and foliar/foliage mixtures It also stimulates the plant's antioxidant system, releases it from its toxins created during stress periods, repairs and re-stimulates its chlorophyll.

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  • Available in: 250ml / 500ml / 1ltr / 5ltr


Bacterial Growth Accelerator

Fish Mix has always been a loyal friend for the gardener since it conditions the substrates stimulating the bacterial flora and accelerating growth. It is an infusion of organic emulsion of fish from the North Sea with horticulture extract of Dutch sugar beet.

Fish Mix does not have acid extracts neither has been stabilized with BHT (Forbidden Contributions in organic farms).  Fish Mix has a 6.1 pH and does not burn roots nor the foliage.

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  • Available in: 500ml / 1ltr / 5ltr / 10ltr


LeafCoat is a 100% Organic Plant strengthener against Fungi and Plagues. LeafCoat is a Ready To Use product that was developed to restrain evaporation. It is made of natural latex. LeafCoat strengthens plants and provides them with a powerful expelling effect on harmful insects. It also prevents against harmful leaf fungi

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  • Available in: 500ml


Root Stimulator

RootJuice is a root stimulator which favors biological life of the radicular system thus producing an explosive growth.  It is composed by humic acids, fulvic acids, and marine algae. Proper for hydroponic dirt crop and in coconut substrate, it strengthens crops making them more resistant to diseases.  RootJuice is not a fertilizer, is a bio-stimulant created to be used in combination with the plant regular nutrition. Unlike other bio-stimulators in the current market, Alg-A-Mic is the organic alternative.  It is not composed of chemical residuals or any other industry; neither contains high levels of lead, which may be dangerous for nature and our health.

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  • Available in: 250ml / 1ltr / 5ltr


100% Organic Flowering Strengthener

TopMax is a 100% organic flowering strengthener which stimulates cellular reproduction during the flowering stage, it also accelerates the transport of sugars into flowers and fruits obtaining exuberant results in harvests (in size and weight) and a sweet flavour in the final product.

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  • Available in: 500ml / 1ltr / 5ltr / 10ltr